About us

Particle Peptides is a leading provider of research peptides in Europe. We are trusted by over 7000 clients to supply them with the highest quality and highest purity peptides produced by GMP-approved manufacturers. We have been providing peptides to research institutes, universities, laboratories, organizations and individual researchers for over 8 years.

All our peptides undergo blind and independent 3rd party testing in several laboratories. Unlike most other research chemical suppliers, we test every batch of all our peptides for the purity and content of the active ingredients. We also test random batches for the right chemical structure, TFA content, Endotoxin content, and Heavy metals content. We provide full 3rd party test data upon request.

Simply put, without testing a compound it is impossible to be 100% sure that it is exactly what it says it is. It is important to us to verify that every peptide we provide is of the correct content and purity. This is only possible through using appropriate techniques to test them. To accurately identify the content of the active ingredients, we send them to a third-party lab that uses a CLND detector. When it comes to establishing the purity of our products, a third-party lab uses the most accurate UPLC detector. Without this test, our compounds may have greater impurities that can affect your end result. Doing these tests on our peptides is part of why we have absolute confidence in the final product we provide to our clients.

THE GOODS OFFERED BY THE SELLER ARE INTENDED FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PURPOSES ONLY. The goods offered by the Seller include chemical substances that shall not be used as a drug, medicine, active substance, medical aid, cosmetic product, a substance for the production of a cosmetic product neither for human consumption that is any food or food supplement or otherwise similarly used on humans or animals. For advice on how to use the goods see Business Terms and Conditions, Article III -  Advice of the Seller.