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    How does Hexarelin work?

    Hexarelin is a peptide with six amino compounds attached to its chemical structure similar to GHRP-6. However, one can say that hexarelin is so unlike other GHRP’s available today. Many consider hexarelin as an underdog. It is one of the many substances that have not received attention because it is thought to lack some important qualities that excellent peptides must have. Suffice to say that hexarelin is a peptide that has been highly underestimated. Today, however, we will tell you why this specific peptide must not be pushed aside.

    You must know that hexarelin is not your typical GHRP. Its structure as a hexapeptide makes it an excellent channel to promoting the increased release of growth hormones. Although its mode of action has not been fully understood by experts, it is well known that it acts on both the hypothalamic area and pituitary gland. More importantly, it is the one peptide that is able to produce the largest amounts of growth hormones.

    Similar to most peptides, hexarelin is able to increase the release of natural growth hormones. More importantly, it does not decrease the natural ability of the body to release growth hormones. Several studies have also shown that it increases fat loss, strengthen connective tissues, improve the elasticity of the skin and increase mitosis, meiosis and bone mineral density.

    Studies, however, have shown that once hexarelin is injected via the subcutaneous route, it activates the functioning of the pituitary gland through a pulse. Similar to GHRP-6, it helps improve the circulation of growth hormones within the body. Despite having similarities with GHRP-6, it acts differently in some ways. For one thing, it does not cause any hunger issues. It is true that hexarelin is able to increase growth hormone level in the body however, it is also able to decreases somatostatin – one of the main causes of non-production of growth hormones. This means that there will be increased levels of growth hormones.

    With its ability to raise IGF-1 and growth hormone levels, it can work as an excellent PCT tools for individuals who are cycling off with synthetic IGF-1 or other growth hormones. It is also best that users must never underestimate its potency particularly in increasing levels of prolactin and cortisol. It has the strongest affinity to increase cortisol and prolactin compared to other available GHRP’s.

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