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    Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml

    Bacteriostatic water 10 ml

    Product Documents

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    Product Documents

    Quantity 10 ml
    Unit 1 bottle
    Physical Appearance Transparent liquid
    Molecular Formula H2O + C7H8O
    CAS NO. 7732-18-5 + 100-51-6


    Product is designed as diluent for reconstitution of lyophilised peptides. The product is intended for scientific research and development purposes only. Chemical substances shall not be used as a drug, medicine, active substance, medical aid, cosmetic product, a substance for production of a cosmetic product neither for human consumption that is any food or food supplement or otherwise similarly used on humans or animals. Use for research and scientific purposes only. Do not use for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes or as medical device.

    Storage Guidelines

    Should be stored at room temperature and protected from excessive heat and freezing.